How long does each therapy session take?

Each therapy sessions typically last between 30min-2 hours.  The length of session depends upon many factors including scheduling requirements of client, fees, phase of treatment, individual preferences, etc.

Where will I park?

There are visitor parking stalls near the entrance door.  If these are all taken, please proceed to the street for additional free parking.

What is the fee for counselling?

The recommended fee for individual therapy set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA) is $200.00/hr.  This is charged in 15 minute increments and is applicable for all individual therapy sessions. Family Therapy is charged in 15 minute increments at a rate of $225.00/hr.  For Group Therapy the rate is $80.00/hr.
Please check with your insurance provider as most plans will cover a portion of the costs.
For a link to the PAA website please click the question mark above this paragraph.

How do I get started?

Click on the question mark above to send me an email so we can set up a time to have a short conversation over the phone to get to know one another .  At the end of the conversation we will either book your first appointment and/or I can assist in providing you with other resources that might be helpful at this time.
Please be advised that any phone calls lasting longer than 15 minutes will be charged at a rate of $200.00/hr, broken down into fifteen minute increments.

Where are you located?

For a link to google maps please click on the location pin icon above.  
When you arrive, drive around to the back of the building to find the entrance.  There are designed visitor parking stalls near the entrance doors.  I am located on the second floor (office #205) which is located immediately to the right when you exit the elevator.